Risk Management

Geoffrey Rubin and William Nayda;"ERM for Community Banks: Expanding Beyond Traditional Risk Areas", (RMA Journal, February 2011) Insightful article that provides information on the state or ERM implementation and preparedness at community banks based upon our survey results and attendees of the Risk Management Association ERM course taught by Bill Nayda.
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Geoffrey Rubin and William Nayda;"ERM for Community Banks: The Classroom Experience", (RMA Journal, March 2011) This article provides useful information on the governance of an effective ERM program including the roles and responsibilities of management and the board. The article discusses important points in establishing an ERM program including communication, reporting, and risk appetite.
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William Nayda and Geoffrey Rubin;"ERM for Community Banks: ERM Field Studies", (RMA Journal, April 2011) This article is the last in a series on ERM and provides practical experience based successes and challenges of implementing an ERM program. The article provides tips on how to get started and how to use existing information and meetings to kick start your ERM program. It also discusses how to structure a risk management committee meeting and how to build a risk appetite framework.
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Rubin, Geoffrey and Bill Nayda. “Standardized Basel II: Significant capital benefits for most banks,” ABA Banking Journal, October 2008.

Lang, Bill and Bill Nayda. “Is Advanced Credit Risk Management Worth the Plunge?,” RMA Journal, May (2008), pp. 35-41.

"Enterprise Risk Management: A Staged Approach, A Second Pillar Consulting White Paper" 2015. Click here.

Ash, Dennis, Shannon Kelly Bill Lang, Bill Nayda, and Haining Yin. “Segmentation, Probability of Default, and Basel II Capital Measures for Credit Card Portfolios,” Credit Risk Conference X, Edinburgh, Scotland (2007).
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Stress Testing

Jeffrey Stokes, Ph.D.,"How Much Stress Is Implied by Dodd-Frank Annual Stress Test (DFAST) Scenarios?", (January 2016). Little is known about the extent of the stress implied by the scenarios in DFAST beyond their ordinal descriptions as baseline, severe, and severely adverse. In this paper, Kullback-Leibler divergence is suggested as a mechanism to assess how much stress is implied by each scenario.
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"Stress Testing Workbook", RMA 2012. -- William Nayda of Second Pillar led the creation of the RMA's stress testing workbook. This workbook is designed for the community bank practitioner in a bank under $10 billion in size who is tasked with created a stress testing program. Tit provides insight into the tools banks should consider, pitfalls to avoid, and how to incorporate stress testing results into management decisions. Click here.

William Nayda;"Taking the Mystery out of Stress Testing", (RMA Journal, July-August 2012) This is a practical introduction to stress testing and scenario analysis. It is designed to take some of the mysteries out of developing a comprehensive stress testing program. It provides history on bank stress testing and provides an introduction to the basic stress testing concepts. This is the first in a three part series on stress testing and designed to supplement the RMA's Stress Testing Workbook which Second Pillar Consulting played a large part in authoring.
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"Capital and Risk Management in a Stressed Economy"; Presented to the Richmond Association of Business Economists, March 20, 2009. Click here.

"The Impact of Standardized Basel II on Delaware Banks"; Presented to the Delaware Bankers Association, October 1, 2008.
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Anti-Money Laundering

"AML Model Validation in Compliance with OCC 11-12: Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management"; Susan Devine, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, August 2016.
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William Nayda and Rona Pocker;"Model Validation of Transaction Monitoring for Anti-Money-Laundering Activities", (RMA Journal, March 2013)
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