Second Pillar Consulting works to evaluate and enhance Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs by understanding how risk is unique to your organization and how it impacts your risk measurement and avoidance. We facilitate an enterprise-wide risk perspective that allows institutions to respond holistically to changes in the risk environment.

Our Expertise & Experience

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Governance – Our consultants can help you establish or enhance best practice controls, policies and procedures regarding the implementation and use of AI and ML. This includes the monitoring of models to ensure efficacy and non-bias.

Risk Surveys – We use our proprietary web-based Risk Survey and Risk Inventory Software to reach deep into the organization to discover and report on risks that we translate into a Risk Action plan.

ERM Gap Analysis – Our consultants have performed numerous reviews to assist banks on their current state of ERM and what is required to move to best practices.

Risk Appetite and Governance – We can create a risk appetite statement, but more importantly we ensure the appetite is measured, monitored, and managed.

Risk Monitoring – We provide enhanced monitoring to ensure senior management and the board understands risk through effective reports and meaningful key risk indicators (KRIs).

Risk Management Committee – We can help establish or enhance Risk Management Committees, including developing charters, committee structures, responsibilities, and committee materials (including meeting agendas, dashboards, and presentations).

Capital Adequacy Plans – We have years of experience creating capital adequacy plans that align a bank’s strategic plan with future capital requirements.

Policies and Procedures – We have policy experts and technical writers that can enhance your documentation and compliance.

Training – We provide and deliver instruction for the above topics at all levels within the organization.