At Second Pillar we understand there is no “one size fits all” solution and we work closely with each client to develop an appropriate custom solution for your needs. We excel at delivering customized solutions, within scheduled deadlines, and most importantly at reasonable costs.

Contact Second Pillar to learn more about our web-based tools and technology that help to keep costs down for smaller community banks including our CECL, interest rate risk, and AML modeling. For example, if you still require a CECL solution we have automated resources to assist through our Ionic ACL model. Further, if you are required to conduct a stress test, we have portfolio level stress testing solutions using our internal proprietary models that stress test your institution on a quarterly basis using your call report data. We have also developed proprietary internal risk surveys of the board, management and staff that allow us to understand the ERM process and culture and at the same time identify any gaps.


    CECL consulting services / Ionic ACL
    Model Validation
    Management Consulting
    Capital Planning

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